Delivering Just in Time Solutions


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We are a team of experts in:

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • General formulated products manufacturing industry (cleaning products, herbicides, ceramics, pet products, etc.)

We apply and adapt the general concepts of LEAN methodology and New Product Development (NPD) to Deliver Just-in-Time solutions. We can provide practical and actionable solutions to specific technical problems through to assisting with the development of new manufacturing facilities and producing new or improved products/services.

  • Supporting start ups with the development of a new technology, process or product. We can also support finding fast route and low capital options for preliminary products or products in advanced development.
  • Supporting SME's to scale up new, existing or improved products from laboratory, pilot scale to market.
  • Supporting large companies by accessing our extensive network database of contract manufacturers, second hand equipment, external laboratories as well as quality control.
  • Supporting team infrastructure using our management and technical expertise.
  • Supporting companies in alternative options for products/processes, legal freedom pf practice (FTP) and in filing strong IP as well as patent support.
DJS Process Consulting Limited

Designing a physical product is not the same as designing a manufacturable physical product - Jose Vega, Associate consultant

DJS Process Consulting Limited and its associate consultants provide the perfect solution to your support requirements. We are a team of experts with proven knowledge and expertise in the process/manufacturing field of formulated products, at a competitive rate.

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