Are you struggling to extract meaningful data from your manufacturing process? Then Look no further!


Here at DJS Process Consulting Ltd, we have built a single platform designed to unify all of your analytical and data monitoring needs – The Intelligent Manufacturing Platform (I.M.P)

Why is a tool such as the I.M.P so important to sustainability and success?

  • Companies need to be competitive and with this, operating costs are of prime importance.
  • Product/Process understanding is key to avoid down time which is costly.
  • Companies are always looking to save costs wherever possible. Optimisation of either a product or a process is key.

It is well known that companies can find it difficult to extract meaningful data from their processes, purely due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of programming and the data produced from it. There is also a lack of confidence amongst companies in just how influential data monitoring and analysis can be, with regards to optimisation and significant cost savings. This leads companies to back out on systems such as the I.M.P as a financial investment for on going successes and sustainability.

Process Engineering teaches us how to solve real world problems, computers allow us to create logic to fit a problem. When we merge these two fields, it’s incredible the positive impact that can be made!

Joshua Koszco – Programming Engineer at DJS Process Consulting Ltd

How can DJS Process Consulting Ltd help you unlock your data potential to boost success and sustainability?

DJS Process Consulting Ltd have developed the I.M.P using extensive knowledge and expertise within the programming industry. The hardware allows the basic data monitoring and analysis whereas the software can be tailor made to individual needs.

Due to the expertise that sits within DJS Process Consulting Ltd, we can also provide on going support packages where we can:

  • Provide training for the hardware/software and how to extract data.
  • Professional support and guidance to find any trends/challenges associated with your data.
  • Translating data trends/challenges in to meaningful solutions.
  • Driving changes in association with solutions to achieve: Optimisation, cost savings and on going sustainability.

Joshua Koszo – Programming Engineer

Joshua Koszo has a solid record of promoting cost savings in companies using his expertise to translate data in to workable cost saving solutions. In his previous employment, Joshua was tasked with developing a strategy to optimise a manufacturing process in a large plant. These optimisations triggered by Joshua initiated yearly savings of over £1 million for his previous employment. After his successes, Joshua decided to move on to new ventures, teaming up with DJS Process Consulting Ltd to develop the I.M.P, hoping to help support other companies in their data journeys.

If you would like to get in touch, please visit the website for more information. A demo can also be found on the website which provides an overview of how the I.M.P system works.

If you would like to ask any questions relating to the I.M.P or to talk with a member of our team regarding packages that we can offer to install the I.M.P, please use our contact form page on the website, we will get back to you as soon as possible.