Digital Transformation: a pilot plant case study with Arq

Upgrading your operations to encompass digital transformation and Industry 4.0 concepts may seem like a daunting task – where do you start?  DJS Process Consulting Ltd. has deep experience in hardware set up, data storage and most importantly in mining value from the data.

Research Meeting on Physics in Food Manufacturing

David Smith, Director of DJS Process Consulting Ltd., presenting at the Institute of Physics meeting on “Physics in Food Manufacturing“. (The presentation was on behalf of The Centre for Process Innovation). The meeting addressed themes in which academia/industry collaborations are …

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Process options analysis

The Many States of Powder Flow

  In my July Blog post I would like to share some thoughts around the importance of considering an holistic approach to powder flow. The traditional approach of focussing purely on the transition from static to flowing is completely inadequate …

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A "fine" state at a granulation plant

I was recently called in to advise on a very significant problem in a continuous granulation process which has a surprising and certainly non obvious root cause. This particular granulation process was designed to deliver a narrow span product and …

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