David Smith discusses the importance of product packing and filling for formulated dry products for The Icheme Magazine “the chemical engineer”

David J Smith Bsc., CEng., FIChemE, Founder and Director of DJS Process Consulting Limited, features in the ‘The Chemical Engineer’, Issue 944 for February 2020 with his Packing a Puncharticle. David discusses the importance of product packing and filling for formulated dry products.

The article begins...

Dry formulated products span a vast spectrum from instant soups to cold remedies. The spend allocated globally to R&D and process development for the upgrade of current products and new ones amounts to billions. However, during my 30+ years of working in this area, I have seen very little effort devoted to understanding and validating the process of putting the new products into their often newly-designed packaging.

The article then moves on to talk about:

  • ‘Unit ops’ thinking applied to packaging
  • Consumer impact (segregation, attrition, moisture pickup)
  • Producer impact (give away, process reliability)
  • A new approach to packing process scale up
  • The FUTURE
DJS Process Consulting

How can packing operations destroy good quality product from bulk production?

David begins to explain that in FMCG, he has seen many examples where ‘perfect’ product produced in bulk is impacted by the ‘simple’ packing process, leading to the net result that the product in the final consumer pack is far from perfect. Consumer impact (segregation, attrition and moisture pickup) and Producer impact (give away, process reliability) are then explained.

Through my consultancy work, I see encouraging signs that companies are beginning to recognise the value of a process engineering mind in packing

David J Smith CEng FIChemE Director of DJS Process Consulting Limited

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