David Smith to Present in the Fluid Bed Design Expert Session on 14th July 2021

DJS Process Consulting Limited is pleased to announce that Dave Smith; Director, is one of the expert speakers sharing his knowledge at this event from his extensive industrial experience in Fluid bed processing.

About this event

‘Fluidised beds’ have a long history in the process industry as well as a wide range of applications. Each year a CPD course is ran to bring experts and industry together. This allows coverage of the basic science, all the way through to how this basic understanding can be applied in industrial examples; across a wide range of process sectors.

As the course was unable to be run in 2020 due to the Covid Pandemic; a series of 1 hour taster sessions have been planned, which cover various topics within the fluid bed processing sector. These taster sessions will be aimed at introducing various and important aspects of fluid bed processing. They will also give insight in to what will be covered in the next face to face course in early 2022.

Each expert speaker will present for around 5 minutes, with an opportunity to ask questions and provide answers in the second half of each session. These sessions follow on from the University of Leeds, successful expert sessions on spray drying.

Session 4 will take place on Wednesday 14th July from 12-1pm; and will cover Fluid Bed Design. There are many different ways of controlling the movement of powders through a fluid bed. These include it’s design and how it is operated, from batch to continuous, with/without vibrations as well as how the fluidising air is fed into the bed. These conditions in turn can affect powder behaviour within a process. To find out more, please follow the following link.

David Smith from DJS Process Consulting Limited is one of the expert guest speakers and will be presenting on the topic:

Air Distribution and Airflow control

David is a Chartered Engineer, European Certified Engineer and a Fellow of the institution of Chemical Engineers with over 32 years Industrial experience in roles ranging from R&D to plant design. His career started at Procter & Gamble where he was heavily involved in new process and product development, process design, commissioning, process optimisation and trouble shooting within a global environment. He is an inventor on 19 granted patents. David then moved in to consultancy where he actively supports new product innovation, process development & scale-up through to the management of projects relating to new, state of the art factories, currently in both China and America.