Digital Transformation: a pilot plant case study with Arq

Digitising R&D work & process scale-up

Upgrading your operations to encompass digital transformation and Industry 4.0 concepts may seem like a daunting task – where do you start?  DJS Process Consulting Ltd. has deep experience in hardware set up, data storage and most importantly in mining value from the data.

DJS Process Consulting have been working with Arq’s R&D team to set up a remote data system at their UK lab and pilot plant site. The completed system provides secure remote access to key information from small scale pilot plant equipment and laboratory test data.

  • Live data feeds
  • Process trends & Cloud database
  • Alarms and alarm history
  • Laboratory test data

The system is accessible on any smart device (laptop, PC, smartphone etc.) from anywhere with internet access over a highly secure user interface.

Rumman Ahmed (Arq’s R&D Project Manager): “the Arq R&D team is distributed globally and not located at any one lab site which makes this remote data system extremely valuable”.

Pulling pilot plant data into a cloud system has been pivotal in enabling the multi-location Arq team and consultants to analyse data from R&D work faster and more efficiently. Recently the system has been expanded to include test data from a US laboratory.

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