DJS Process Consulting Launches Live Demo of their Industry 4.0 Platform

Intelligent Manufacturing Platform (I.M.P)Digitising the Factory

Upgrading your plant to encompass digital transformation and Industry 4.0 may seem like a daunting task – where do you start ?  DJS Process Consulting Ltd. has gone live with a working demonstration of their IMP platform. The system monitors 2 heating systems at the DJS site which have been upgraded with extra instrumentation to show case what is possible with a surprisingly affordable system. The demo uses the sensor data to demonstrate typical functionality of interest for a remote access and data collection system.

  • Process schematics showing live data
  • Process trends
  • Alarms and alarm history
  • Web cam to illustrate remote viewing capabilities e.g., could be a packing line

The system is accessible on any smart device (laptop, PC, smartphone etc.) from anywhere with internet access over a highly secure user interface.

Digitisation creates huge amounts of data, here at DJS Process Consulting we have a team of experts who can guide you on the journey in translating big data into meaningful business metrics –

  1. Improved quality
  2. Process efficiency
  3. Lower costs of manufacturing
  4. Reduced carbon footprint

To view the demo, please contact us at DJS Process Consulting to be issued with a username and password.

Thanks to ISN, NBSL and NEPIC for their funding support to get this project up and running.

Dave Smith, Director DJS Process Consulting Ltd.
+44 (0)7769 705979