DJS Process Consulting Limited can provide consultancy services, data monitoring solutions as well as engineering design applications.

David J Smith

Who are we?

DJS Process Consulting Limited was formed in 2016 by David J Smith Bsc., CEng., CSci., FIChemE. With a focus on formulated products, the company’s mission is to help clients at all stages of the product development cycle from upstream innovation, industry 4.0 applications through to delivering an efficient and profitable manufacturing process.

The following services can be provided through DJS Process Consulting Limited:

  • Consultancy services in process and manufacturing in formulated products, as well as Intellectual property and patent preparation.
  • Engineering Design.
  • Sourcing, rental and sale of pre-owned equipment.
  • Data monitoring solutions (Intelligent Manufacturing Platform).
manufacturing process consulting


The company’s main objective in a consultant role is to support client’s during innovation, process design, commissioning, optimisation, problem-solving, pilot plant operations through to full scale process manufacturing as well as Intellectual Property advice and patent preparations.

At DJS Process Consulting Limited, we have a highly dedicated and professional team, providing consultancy services ranging from: Product/process design, consumer research and market delivery, powder processing, new product development, enzyme development for automatic dish and laundry detergents, global product and consumer innovation as well as facilities management and more. Meet the team!

Intelligent Manufacturing Platform

The Intelligent Manufacturing Platform allows companies to monitor and optimise their data, processes and operations. We have a dedicated team at DJS Process Consulting limited with specific knowledge and expertise of data processing to help a client achieve full potential of the system, leading to optimisation and savings!

engineering design

Engineering Design

Full guidance and support can be provided from feasability studies regarding your business ideas, site selection and analysis, construction of building works through to in-depth commissioning of processes, both simple and complex within the building itself.

Pre-owned equipment

DJS Process Consulting Limited currently has pre-owned technical equipment in stock. We can also use our significant network to source equipment for client’s at a fraction of cost compared to new equipment. Equipment can be offered as part of a rental agreement or as a sale.

Innovate, Create, Deliver

With a strategy of Innovate, Create, Deliver, the company can translate opportunities in to product concepts, assess process options according to the product and deliver product innovation to market at target cost.

If you would like to find out how DJS Process Consulting Limited could help you, please contact Rachael Stainsby