DJS Process Consulting Limited celebrates its 4th year in operation!

DJS Process Consulting Limited

Delivering Just In Time Solutions

DJS Process Consulting Limited was formed by David Smith BSc., CEng., CSci., FIChemE with a focus on formulated products. The company’s mission is to support clients’ at all stages of the product development cycle, from upstream innovation to delivering an efficient, profitable and successful manufacturing process.

During operation, DJS Process Consulting Limited has expanded in to 4 key areas: Consultancy, Pre-owned equipment, Engineering design and Data monitoring solutions.

Product Concepts to Production


DJS Process Consulting Limited has collectively over 100 years experience in the manufacturing field, ranging from powder processing, patent preparation to supporting start up companies, improving manufacturing processes and giving talks at conferences/universities.

Behind the Scenes

There is a dedicated team of associate consultants such as Dr Jose Vega, who has 20 years experience at Proctor & Gamble as director of global research design for the fabric and home care business unit as well as the corporate global process design discipline.


Pre-owned equipment

DJS Process Consulting Limited can support the sourcing, renting or purchasing of pre-owned equipment. Currently in stock is a Hot Melt Dosing System, which is used for the metering of viscous and molten liquids for example; to spray waxy type materials on to detergent granules.

Data Processing Solutions

DJS Process Consulting Limited has developed the Intelligent Manufacturing Platform (I.M.P) which allows companies to monitor and optimise their data, processes and operations.

engineering design

Engineering Design

DJS Process Consulting Limited can provide full guidance and support, ranging from feasibility studies regarding business ideas, site selection and analysis, construction of building works through to in depth commissioning of processes, both simple and complex with the building itself.

For any information regarding our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.