DJS Process Consulting Ltd celebrates continued expansion in provision of consultancy services

DJS Process Consulting Ltd was founded by Mr David John Smith in September 2015. Collectively, DJS Process Consulting Ltd now has approximately 100 years experience in the manufacturing industry, ranging from powder processing, patent design and data automation.

David J Smith is a chartered engineer and has gained significant experience in product manufacturing, plant start up & process optimisation during his 29 year career in Procter & Gamble. 

The companies main objective in consultancy services is to support clients during: Innovation, Process design, Commissioning, Optimisation, Problem solving, Pilot plant operations and Full scale process manufacturing.

The expertise from DJS Process Consulting Ltd provides invaluable support from start up to established companies, ranging from sourcing the right people to designing a process and problem solving to achieve success.

DJS Process Consulting Ltd has also provided a supportive role in the collaboration with UK universities and has given many talks regarding his experience of industry, from his expertise and mastery as a Senior Technical Executive in Procter & Gamble.

To share two examples of collaborative successes, DJS Process Consulting Ltd is currently working with 2 major and successful companies in the UK and China as well as others.

Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) – UK

At CPI, they work with their partners to develop products and processes that enhance health and well being, protect and improve our environment and increase productivity across industries.

DJS Process Consulting Ltd currently works in collaboration with the formulation sector of CPI, supporting the design and building of the pilot plant facilities which will be used to support the UK chemical industry with ideas and product/process design and implementation.


Vecor – China

Technology solutions that Vecor offers, protect air, water and land quality all over the world by assisting power stations to utilise their fly ash waste to make high value ceramic raw materials and building products.

DJS Process Consulting Ltd provides a collaborative and supportive role with Vecor, drawing upon the significant expertise of David John Smith in the field of designing, building, start up and the management of large manufacturing factories.

The collaborative success between DJS Process Consulting Ltd and Vecor has been recognised by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and both are finalists in two categories: Innovative Product and Sustainability in the 2018 IChemE Global awards taking place on the 1st November 2018!

DJS Process Consulting Ltd has established a significant presence in China. David J Smith was asked to be part of an interview for a Chinese news channel in Zibo, to discuss the value that UK technical expertise brings to the Chinese economy.

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