DJS Process Consulting Ltd expands in to the pre-owned equipment market

To aid in the success of any business, diversification into complimentary adjacency’s is key. DJS Process Consulting Ltd is always trying to find ways of expansion and have recently moved in to the pre-owned equipment market.

DJS Process Consulting Ltd have realised the potential for locating, purchasing, renting and selling pre-owned equipment. Companies are always looking for fast and cost effective ways to purchase equipment in aid of supporting their projects and manufacturing. DJS Process Consulting Ltd has available collectively, over 100 years experience in the process sector and we can help clients find pre-owned equipment available almost immediately at much reduced cost compared to brand new equipment, thus avoid longer lead times.

David Smith, Director of DJS Process Consulting Ltd: “DJS Process Consulting is in a very unique position. Using our extensive supplier/client network and our expert knowledge in manufacturing, we are able to determine client equipment needs and source surplus equipment, bringing significant value in a cost effective manner, for both the supplier and the client” 

To illustrate our approach, DJS Process Consulting Ltd recently acquired 3 pieces of surplus manufacturing equipment from Proctor & Gamble Beijing:

All-Fill series 10 volumetric dosing system and Guttridge feeder

The All-Fill series 10 volumetric dosing system was manufactured here in the UK, at All-Fills’ Bedfordshire manufacturing site. Both the volumetric dosing system and Guttridge feeder were bought by Procter & Gamble Beijing, where it continued to be in service for 3 years before being moved in to storage. DJS Process Consulting Ltd purchased the unwanted equipment from Procter & Gamble and arranged for shipment back to the UK.

DJS Process Consulting Ltd subsequently made the connection with a UK contract packer of food products with an urgent need to expand their packing capacity for a new project. We supplied the fully reconditioned equipment to the company within a matter of a few weeks of receiving the request. The system also had the additional benefit of being a fraction of the price of a new piece of equipment.

A custom designed hot melt dosing system

This equipment was originally designed for the metering of viscous and molten liquids, for example to spray on waxy type materials onto detergent granules. This type of system is used primarily in the food processing & consumer goods industry for the most challenging of viscous coatings and the technology can be applied to a wide range of food products, tablets and more. To achieve the desired coating effects, the system provides fluid pressure at a controlled flow rate and temperature to enable liquid atomisation when linked with suitable spray nozzles, allowing effective and efficient covering of a product with minimal waste. The system can be used for almost any type of coating! Ranging from light oil, sugar coatings, tablet coatings, waxy materials and chocolate.

The system is of small production scale or pilot plant with a liquid output of between 12 – 98Kg/Hour. The tank is 55cm in diameter and 27cm in depth. The system is controlled via a colour screen HMI linked to a PLC. This piece of equipment is currently available to either rent or purchase, depending on customer requirements.

DJS Process Consulting Ltd will begin to advertise their pre-owned equipment on the business web page. Equipment can either be rented or purchased. DJS Process Consulting Ltd aim to be flexible according to customer requirements.

For further information regarding equipment we have available or, to enquire about sourcing pre-owned equipment, email David Smith at for more information.

In the event that we are approached by a potential customer with a requirement to source pre-owned equipment, we will use our wide client and supplier network base to try and source equipment required, as quickly as is possible.