DJS Process Consulting Ltd welcomes Rachael Stainsby to the team as Finance and Marketing assistant

DJS Process Consulting Ltd was founded by David Smith in 2015 and has been operating for 3 years, with David Smith as the sole employee. Due to continued success and expansion, DJS Process Condulting Ltd decided to employ the support of a Finance and Marketing assistant and we are pleased to announce that Rachael Stainsby has been appointed to join the team, helping us continue the exciting journey through from manufacturing development to supporting innovation and start up businesses.

Rachael will also play a significant role in the marketing of the new Innovative Manufacturing Platform (IMP) automated data processing service currently offered by DJS Process Consulting Ltd. As a former scientist, Rachael has known all to well about the bottle necks in data handling and statistics associated with large amounts of data generated during projects and manufacturing. She is particularly excited to share with companies about the innovative IMP system and the time that can be saved with such a product, allowing scientists and engineers to focus more on innovation and business success, rather than on data handling.

As Rachael is new to the company, we decided to ask her a few questions to get to know her:

  1. Rachael, what made you want to move from a science role in to marketing and finance?

A funny situation! David is my partner and I have become accustomed to his long working hours. Although I loved science, we had talked about me providing a supportive role in DJS Process Consulting Ltd. David’s consultancy role has changed which led to a much heavier workload. We decided together that it was time for me to join DJS. At least it is still a science  and engineering based company, so I am not fully moving away from science, but I will certainly miss it!

2.  What will you enjoy most about your new role?

I love being a part of innovation. David and his business partner Joshua Koszo have developed a powerful and cost effective data processing system that I believe will revolutionise the way researchers and engineers will interact with their data. It is amazing to think that with just one click of a button, data from manufacturing equipment can be downloaded and placed in graphical form for analysis in the space of as little as a few minutes. As a scientist, data handling was always the major bottle neck in my job. To have an automated system such as the one developed by David Smith and Joshua Koszo will be invaluable and to be part of this exciting journey will be the biggest area I will enjoy most about my role. 

3. What qualifications do you have and how will they help in your new role?

I am educated to degree level. I passed all of my GCSE’s, did A level Biology, Psychology and English, then went on to gain a 2:1 in BSc Forensic Biology. My working career then involved a mixture of expertise! From Microbiology technician, Bio analytical scientist to Laboratory scientist. Unfortunately, I did not manage to secure a role directly related to my degree as it would have meant moving and I love living in the North East of England! However, forensics taught me one of the most valuable skills a person could ask for: To think outside the box and be innovative. I think this skill, as well as being organised, will bring a lot of value to DJS Process Consulting Ltd. 

4. Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

David and I have horses! We regularly go to horse competitions, competing at cross country competitions and one day events. I also have 2 Pomeranian dogs that I love spending time with. I am also a fitness fanatic and regularly exercise as well as practicing yoga from time to time. 

On behalf of DJS Process Consulting Ltd, I want to welcome Rachael to the team during a very exciting time in the business and wish her the best of luck in her new career change!

David Smith (Director of DJS Process Consulting Ltd)