Feedback on powder flow testers

The Working Party on Mechanics of Particulate Solids of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering aims at identifying which are the most used testers and for what purpose, as part of a study that aims at gaining a greater consciousness of the scientific meaning and of the correctness of some empirical practice often carried out in the measurement procedure.

Please kindly fill one survey (following through the link below) for each powder tester, in case that you use several ones. It will take you a few minutes. The answers will be gathered at PARTEC2016.

Thank you for your contribution and your time.

1 thought on “Feedback on powder flow testers”

  1. Design and operation in powder processes, requires an understanding of the dynamic flow, shear and bulk properties. In order to minimize the number of instruments required to characterise powders and eliminate operator influence, several automated powder rheometers that can do most of the required tests have been developed however this hasn’t helped consensus of opinion.

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