The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR) – Privacy notice
This privacy notice intends to set out your rights under the 2018 GDPR legislation and notifies you of how DJS Process Consulting Ltd will use and look after your personal data.
Your information will be held in a secure database by DJS Process Consulting Ltd with the intention to use this information to trade effectively with you, our customers and suppliers. You can opt OUT of DJS Process Consulting Ltd holding your personal data by contacting us at any time and notifying us of your wishes.

DJS Process Consulting Ltd will:
Keep your data safe and private
Not sell your data
Only use your data to communicate with you and other companies for the sole purpose of maintaining commercial trading relationships
Give the freedom for a person to opt OUT of DJS Process Consulting Ltd holding personal details

DJS Process Consulting Ltd may store/share your details in the following way:
Account audits
Third party audits
When it is our legal duty
With any third party linked to our company in order to fulfil our contract with you
With internal employees working on a commercial project with you

From time to time, we may want to share marketing activities with you including, but not limited to: Exhibitions, new products, current products, new business opportunities and services.
If you would prefer that DJS Process Consulting Ltd did not contact you for marketing purposes, please contact DJS Process Consulting Ltd and opt OUT.