How to Leverage Smart Machines For Remote Support

The world of manufacturing is changing….

…very rapidly and today, we are faced with yet another challenge as factories and refineries around the world are trying to find ways to segregate crews and move tasks off-site to mitigate the impact of Covid-19.

Thinking back not so many years, it was still the norm for manufacturing instructions and process centre lines to be on paper documents with manual adjustments on product changeovers.


..advances in digitisation have enabled more automation. Many sites find themselves at an advantage with remote digital systems, where handling off-site staff and reduced crews has been more manageable. However, even these sites, which are ahead of the curve are missing much of the value to be derived from big data – but WHY?

It is a paradox that increased real time automation and digitisation of process information has led to the generation of vast quantities of data, but the corresponding reduction in experienced production line engineers and technologists has resulted in this data being un-mined. Simple derived parameters such as output and downtime are commonly used for more accounting focused purposes, but it is rare for data to be deeply studied to answer the ‘why’ type questions such as.,

  • Why is the line running at 90% of design capacity?
  • Why is 4% of product out of limits?
  • Why does the line only run for approximately 90 minutes between breakdowns?
  • Why…..why…….why???

The root cause answers to these questions are rarely addressed via a methodical study of data, they are often accepted as “just the way it is“, or more “gut feel/experience” based solutions are implemented on a trial and error basis.

At DJS Process Consulting Limited, we have built a single platform designed to unify all your industrial data monitoring (live & historic) and data analysis needs, even remotely: The Intelligent Manufacturing Platform (I.M.P).

I.M.P delivers yet untapped improvements in manufacturing operations. It is also the perfect solution to enable your resources (managers/engineers) to remotely access and monitor your production lines in virtual reality. This makes even more sense in the current situation with Covid-19 and enables your production to continue with minimal vital “hands on workers” and other technical staff working from home.

In the current challenging business environment, DJS Process Consulting Limited has the capability to remotely set up the I.M.P system to your specific requirements. The only physical installations required is a small electronics device which needs to be linked to your process PLC and the internet through a secure banking security level of access via either normal wired internet or a 4G SIM card option.

Here at DJS Process Consulting Limited, we offer.,

  • Installation and tailored setup of the I.M.P system to meet both your real time monitoring and historic data analytical needs.
  • Training for the hardware/software and how to extract data.
  • Professional support and guidance to find any trends/challenges associated with your data.
  • Translating data trends/challenges in to meaningful solutions.
  • Driving changes in association with solutions to achieve: Optimisation, cost savings and on going sustainability.

We can guide you on the fundamental and complex technical aspects, sharing our engineering experience to analyse big data to provide these answers. In addition, we offer a unique combination of process engineering and computer automation/programming skills.

We have assembled a team of programmers who are first and foremost engineers. This is vastly more effective when engineers are doing the programming rather than engineers trying to explain to computer programmers what is required.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. The DJS team is operating at full capacity and ready to support your urgent manufacturing, remote access and big data analytical needs.