Making the Industry 4.0 revolution simple with the intelligent manufacturing platform

There’s been significant ‘hype’ surrounding the Industry 4.0 Revolution over the past few years however, adoption has been surprisingly slow. At DJS Process Consulting Ltd, we strongly believe that a lot of this struggle can be attributed to:

  1. Too much marketing from people less in the know
  2. Too little action from people with the knowledge and skills to implement such a system and ultimately, make it work.

You may now be wondering who I am and what is my interest in the Industry 4.0 revolution? I am Joshua Koszo, a certified Chemical Engineer at DJS Process Consulting Ltd with a passion for data. I am writing this blog as a professional who has the skills and expertise to program and manipulate data processes, allowing significant process optimisation and ultimately, significant company savings. This blog is not another marketing campaign filled with catch phrases or play on words which sound impressive but lack substance or true understanding. DJS Process Consulting Ltd have the skills and knowhow to support your business through the digital era, ultimately leading to optimisation and cost savings of your process.


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our fully automated data monitoring system, the Intelligent Manufacturing Platform – The I.M.P

“Put simply, it’s a single platform built to unify all of your analytical and monitoring needs”

Joshua Koszo – Certified Chemical Engineer

What are the benefits to choosing the I.M.P as your data monitoring system?

  • Accessible from any internet connected device
  • It’s hosted on Tier 1 Certified Servers
  • It has the same level of encryption as internet banking
  • Displaying of real-time and historical data as well as the SCADA system
  • Enabling long-term data storage (local or cloud)
  • 3 click data download straight in to excel for analytics
  • Competitively priced
  • Highly experienced and knowledgable team of experts to support you through your data journey
  • User friendly interface
  • As well as much more!…….

How do we offer our services?

Standard pricing structure

We offer a tailor-made solution of the I.M.P based upon your data needs. The pricing would be fixed and a purchase order raised. We offer a unique option to the usual pricing structure

Free-share structure

The setup is free of charge. With an agreement in place, DJS Process Consulting Ltd would then take a share of the savings made with the I.M.P in place over an agreed time period.

Please visit DJS Process Consulting Ltd for more information on the I.M.P

Feedback from our customers…

One of the most common questions we have found is:

“How will an improved monitoring/analysis platform actually save us money; what part of the process or what costs are we going to save on?”

Buried in this question is the trickiest part of Industry 4.0. Improving the accessibility and usability of data almost always leads to savings however, this is only true if you have a knowledgeable team of engineers/analysts with the expertise to ‘crunch’ the numbers. In most cases, this expertise is seriously lacking within a company so the sensors, data, trends become irrelevant as they can’t make decisions on their own! True expertise in analytics and process knowledge is essential for extracting the most value out of a data monitoring system.

data automation
During a process, the I.M.P system feeds constant live data, allowing trends to be identified by the user’
Live data and animations

At DJS Process Consulting Ltd, we understand the financial difficulties that companies face regarding making decisions on investment opportunities. Data process monitoring for the purpose of optimisation may not be the priority in all instances, especially when there is no expertise within a team to maximise the value generated from such a data optimisation tool such as the I.M.P. Here at DJS Process Consulting Ltd, this is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We are not just a company selling a ‘fancy data automation system’, we are a team of experts who are here to install the system, guide you, train you and support you through data management to ensure the value from the I.M.P is fully realised, generating those much needed savings.

At DJS Process Consulting Ltd, the expertise within our team is significant, boasting a track record projects where millions of dollars have been saved due to data monitoring and process optimisation. At DJS process Consulting Ltd, we specialise in the discovery, analysis and solving of complex problems as well as automating them within small to large scale operations. Due to the rare knowledge and expertise that we have within DJS Process Consulting Ltd, we are able to offer site visits from which we can determine where optimisation in your process can be achieved such as inefficient power usage or waste streams.

With the information we gain from a site visit, we can then go on to create a package that will not just bring your plant into Industry 4.0 with the I.M.P, but it will also generate a clear pathway to real savings, giving you the best of both worlds.

If you believe your plant and processes could run more efficiently or simply want to find out more information, please contact the team at DJS Process Consulting ltd, we can tailor our services to your needs, whether it is a fixed cost purchase or our ‘no upfront cost’ structure.

“Process Engineering teaches us how to solve real world problems, computers allow us to create logic to fit any problem. When we merge these two fields, it’s incredible the positive impact that can be made”

Joshua Koszo