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David J Smith

David J Smith

Director of DJS Process Consulting Ltd - Specialising in process development, plant design, project management & new business development for DJS Process Consulting.

David is a Chartered Engineer, European Certified Engineer and a Fellow of the institution of Chemical Engineers with over 32 years Industrial experience in roles ranging from R&D to plant design. His career started at Procter & Gamble where he was heavily involved in new process and product development, process design, commissioning, process optimisation and trouble shooting within a global environment. He is an inventor on 19 granted patents. David then moved in to consultancy where he actively supports new product innovation, process development & scale-up through to the management of projects relating to new, state of the art factories, currently in both China and America.

Dr Jose Vega

Dr Jose Vega

Associate Consultant - Specialising in technical capability and organisational design of process teams, developing and delivering superior innovation to market

Jose has 29 years of experience at Procter and Gamble in R&D management, recently as Director of global process design for the Fabric and Home Care business unit and the Corporate global process design discipline.  Over the years, Jose has led many process/engineering teams at different levels in the organisation to successfully scale up and launch breakthrough products across the world.  His experience includes development of technical learning and executional plans, best management practices, work processes and optimal set up of team structures that facilitate cooperation with other internal or external partners to take ideas from the lab scale to market.  For the last 4 years, Jose has led the global organisation responsible for the internal technical capability programs and networks that sustain process design as a competitive advantage for Procter and Gamble.


Timothy Bell

Associate consultant - Specialised industrial experience on solids handling fundamentals

Tim brings a wealth of expeience to the DJS Process Consulting team, with over 4 decades of experience in DuPont. Tim solved a broad range of problems with bulk materials ranging from corn cobs, plastic pellets o silver powder, at transfer rates from grams to hundres of tons per hour. Tim has extensive experience in the development of new particles as well as the processes to make them. His R&D efforts have been recognised in his 11 U.S patents for powders and specialised handling systems.


Stefano Scialla

Specialising in liquid formulation development, emulsions and microemulsions, detergency, bleach and peroxide-based products

Stefano has 32 years of experience in the design of formulated consumer products. During his career as a Senior R&D Director Research Fellow at Procter & Gamble, he developed expertise in liquid formulations based on hydrogen peroxide, peroxyacids and hypochlorite; emulsions and suspensions; water soluble polymers; liquid detergents for laundry, hard surfaces, and hand/auto dishwashing; IP strategy development and patent filing. He holds over 200 patent applications and is currently an adjunct professor of applied physical chemistry at Campus Bio-Medico University in Rome.

Rute Chieffi

Rute Chieffi

Associate Consultant - Specialising in perfumes, product and consumer understanding

Rute has over 25 years of experience in the fabric, home and beauty care industry. Her career began at Givaudan Fragrance and Flavours before joining Procter & Gamble where she led global product and consumer innovation as well as market/consumer understanding. Rute is currently supporting projects related to product innovation as well as consumer and product evaluation. These include assessment and guidance on landscape and trend studies for public institutions, start-ups and private companies.

Graham Sorrie

Dr Graham Sorrie

Associate consultant - Specialising in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), fabric and home care industry

Graham has over 30 years experience within the FMCG Fabric and Home Care industry at Procter & Gamble. Graham brings significant experience in all aspects of R&D Innovation from technology identification, development, Product, Process Design, Consumer Research and Market delivery. In the latter stages of his career, Graham was responsible for the Global Auto Dish detergent Product and Processing Design organisation, managing a globally dispersed organisation on a platform serving all regions of the world.


Nigel Somerville-Roberts

Associate Consultant - Specialising in process and product development, intellectual property advice and patent preparation

Nigel has 26 years experience within the R&D facility at Procter & Gamble for powder processing, where he was heavily involved in powder processing, new product development, plant design, commissioning, granulation, raw materials specifications and general trouble shooting. Nigel also has experience with complex fluids processing as well as PVA soluble film processing and handling as well as Intellectual Property/Patent preparation. He currently holds 150 separate patent applications.

Glenn Ward

Glenn Ward

Associate consultant -Specialising in Enzyme development and implementation

Glenn has 39 years experience in the development of Global Innovative Technologies and products at Procter & Gamble. A significant part of his career was based around the development of new enzymes for automatic dish and laundry detergents. Glenn has expertise in all aspects of detergent enzyme development and execution, including their specificity, full scale and micro test methodologies as well as potential challenges associated with their applicant in detergents.


Heidi Piper

Associate consultant - Specialising in consumer understanding, holistic product design/development, platform management, innovation strategy, leadership, organisation development and workplace culture

Heidi has 3 decades of experience leading innovation for some of the worlds most iconic brands at Procter & Gamble. As an R&D Vice President for laundry products and diapers at Procter & Gamble, Heidi led the development and execution of innovation strategies. Specialising in consumer understanding, product design as well as innovation strategy, Heidi is passionate about innovation and supporting others, to fulfill their highest potential.

Franceso Agostini

Francesco Agostini

Associate consultant - Specialising in project, infrastructure, facilities management, risk/crisis management, business continuity, safety and quality programs

Francesco has over 25 years experience in facilities, project management, business continuity and compliance programs where he has led teams of up to 40 people across multiple sites including UK, Belgium and Italy, developing and implementing infrastructure projects and maintenance programs. These include safety, medical, quality, business continuity and crisis management. Francesco has applied expertise and proven track records in the most extreme conditions (for example, sanitary emergencies and earthquakes).

Dave York

Prof. David York FREng, FIChE

Associate consultant - Specialising in product and process design of formulated products


David is a chemical engineer with 35 years’ industrial experience in product and process design of formulated consumer products in the R&D organisation at P&G, followed by holding the chair of structured particles at the University of Leeds since 2012. Experience includes scaling up processes from lab to plant start-ups, problem solving under time pressures and collaborating with suppliers to improve their processes. Core expertise includes: spray drying, agglomeration, fluid beds, powder flow (and caking!) and micro encapsulation. David has over 30 global patent applications, of which 17 have been granted so far and over 50 academic publications in subjects from nano particles to micro encapsulates and complex emulsions.

David has set up 3 CPD courses involving spray drying, fluid bed processing and micro encapsulation, which run on a yearly basis.

Joshua Koszo

Joshua Koszo

Programming Engineer - Specialising in the programming of tailor made and detailed data monitoring systems


Joshua is a young, experienced and highly intelligent data programming engineer who has partnered with DJS Process Consulting Ltd to develop the Intelligent Manufacturing Platform. He has a passion for the Industry 4.0 revolution, along with the skills and expertise to program and manipulate data processes. Joshua has supported companies and saved millions of pounds by developing these systems, analysing data and optimising processes to allow significant company savings.

Leon picture

Dr Leon Levine

Associate Consultant - 50 years of process, product development and engineering experience across a variety of industries, primarily in food, but also including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, soap and detergents, and paper


Leon holds a BS and MS in chemical engineering as well as a PhD in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. He has more than 50 years of process, product development and engineering experience across a variety of industries; primarily in food, but also including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, soap, detergents and paper (Pillsbury and Procter & Gamble).

He has published numerous papers/number of book chapters on food processing and scale-up. He has coauthored a textbook: Food Processing Operations and Scale up. he also holds a number patents that relate to food processes and products.

Rachael Stainsby

Rachael Stainsby 

Finance and Marketing Assistant - Managing the administration, finance and marketing of DJS Process Consulting Limited

Rachael has a Bsc in Forensic Biology, where her primary career has been in analytical sciences. Due to the expansion of DJS Process Consulting Limited, Rachael left her role in science to join the team as a Finance and Marketing assistant. Rachael is responsible for updating and monitoring accounts, issuing invoices using SAGE one software. She is responsible for updating and organising contacts through CRM as well ensuring GDPR compliance. She is also responsible for general admin, marketing and updating the website using word press programming.