New DJS Team Member – Timothy Bell

DJS Process Consulting is pleased to announce the addition of Timothy Bell to our team of Associate Consultants. Tim brings a wealth of experience with over 4 decades in DuPont. In particular he brings specialised industrial experience on solids handling fundamentals.

  Tim spent 44 years at DuPont – the first 9 in rotating assignments, and the last 35 as a consultant for solids handling.   At DuPont, Tim solved a broad range of problems with bulk materials ranging from corn cobs to plastic pellets to silver powder, at transfer rates from grams to hundreds of tons per hour.   He has extensive experience in the development of new particles and the processes to make them, including multi-year R&D efforts resulting in his 11 U.S. patents for powders and specialized handling systems.  He is an active author, speaker, and reviewer, and a member of the EFCE Working Party and the ASTM committee governing the quantification of bulk solids properties for handling purposes.   Tim is an adjunct professor at the Univ. of Delaware and has taught industrial short courses since 1998.  He is a registered Professional Engineer and holds degrees in mechanical engineering and business.

  Please join me in welcoming Tim to the DJS team.

David Smith Director, DJS Process Consulting Ltd.