Will you be joining us at the Fluid Bed Processing course in May? Sign up now to book your place!

The fluid bed processing course; taking place in Leeds, is now less than 8 weeks away. The early booking fee of £940 expires on Friday 12th April 2019. The rate thereafter will increase to £990. Full details and a booking link can be found on the course website, where the course leaflet and program are also available for download.

About the course

Fluidised beds are widely used in industry due to their characteristic fluid like properties of good mixing and heat transfer. Applications of fluid beds range from combustion in power stations, catalytic reactors to the engineering of particles via methods such as low density agglomeration and encapsulation.

This 2.5 day course focuses on the use of fluid beds in the particle engineering area and covers:

  • The basic principles behind fluidisation
  • The importance of particle properties
  • The impact of bed design on the structure and optimal operation of fluid beds, both batch and continuous

The course is grounded in practical experience gained across numerous industrial sectors by a range of speakers from academia, equipment manufacturers and end users. The scientific principles of fluid bed operation will be reinforced by a number of practical demonstrations which show the theory in practice.

Expected outcomes

  • Apply an understanding of how material properties, operating parameters and equipment design can have an influence on product properties
  • Manipulate operating parameters to influence materials properties and quality parameters
  • Recognise how fluid bed processes can be scaled up and appreciate the challenges in start-up and shut down
  • Understand how scientific principles can be applied to the processing of real industrial products for better performance, quality and economics
  • Learn from how challenges are tackled across different industries
  • Choose and design appropriate equipment for fluid bed processing
  • Learn from extensive academic and industrial experience, demonstrations, theory and real industrial case studies
  • And, importantly learn from attendees what others are doing in the field of fluid bed processing.

Who should attend?

  • R&D scientists in industries such as pharmaceuticals, detergents, foods, agrochemicals and pigments who are working in product formulation and who need a broad overview to the subject of fluid bed processing.
  • Scientists and chemical engineers who would value a deeper understanding of how science can be applied to real fluid bed processing problems.
  • Process technologists, plant managers, involved in R&D and process technicians who need a thorough practical grounding in the subject of fluid bed processing and how it can influence the properties of the final product.
  • University researchers who require a deeper insight into real industrial problems, unmet needs and potential new research themes

Where can I find further details?

Full details including the course leaflet, programme and online booking facility can be found on the:

Fluid Bed Processing course website.