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DJS Process Consulting Ltd are proud to announce that they can now provide professional Engineering Design Services.

Here at DJS Process Consulting Ltd, we can provide full guidance and support, ranging from feasbility studies regarding your business ideas, site selection and analysis, construction of building works through to in-depth commissioning of processes, both simple and complex within the building itself.

We use our knowledge and expertise while computing and engineering to develop complex 3D models of both the building itself as well as the processes/systems within the building.

Feasibility and conceptual studies

Key deliverables for your project at DJS Process Consulting Ltd:

Studies and expertise

  • Feasibility and conceptual studies
  • Professional and expert opinions/analysis

Site Selection

  • Comprehensive reviewing of potential selected sites
  • Review/analysis of local conditions
  • Technical and legal assistance regarding land purchase.

Timetable/Creating deadlines

  • Based on client information, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop in-depth timescales to form the basis of a project deadline frameworks.

Planning and building works

  • Support the obtaining of Zoning permit certificates
  • EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)
  • Building permit certificates
  • Other documentation relating to public authorities.

Detailed documentation for construction and operation

  • Detailed 3D design modelling
  • Documentation for individual testing
  • IQ/OQ documentation
  • Operating manuals/instructions.
  • Price estimates for construction costs
  • Equipment specifications

Site supervision

  • Design and technical supervision on site to support the construction process
  • Monitoring of construction progress.

Commissioning and permit for operation

  • Obtaining relevant documentation
  • Completing documents and certificates
  • Leading of particular tests, including more complex tests
  • Negotiating with authorities to obtain operation permits if required

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manufacturing process consulting

We have supported many large organisations in their global projects including:

Leading global supplier of batteries: New Modular Battery Unit.

Leading confectionery supplier: Multiple projects relating to confectionery.

A leading and highly successful confectionary supplier: Plant Upgrade.

Leading supplier of washing up liquids/detergents: Multiple projects in their different plants across the world.

If you are searching for a knowledgeable and professional company to provide the expertise you require in your project, from concept through to construction, contact DJS Process Consulting Ltd for more information.

Services that DJS Process Consulting Ltd can provide:

  1. Feasibility studies and professional expertise
  2. Site selection
  3. Planning and building procedure
  4. Detailed documentation for construction and operation
  5. Ensuring the supply (Equipment specifications/Costs)
  6. Site supervision
  7. Commissioning and permit for operation