A Custom Designed Hot Melt Dosing System is now available – ideal for the metering of viscous and molten liquids!

DJS Process Consulting Limited currently hold a Custom Designed Hot Melt Dosing system in stock, which was primarily designed for the metering of viscous and molten liquids. For example; to spray on wax type material on to detergent granules.

Hot Melt Dosing System

The system is primarily used in the food processing and consumer goods industry for the most challenging of viscous coatings!

This technology can be applied to a wide range of food products, tablets and more within the consumer goods industry.

To achieve the desired coating effects, the system provides fluid pressure at controlled flow rate and temperature, to enable liquid atomisation when linked with suitable spray nozzles. This allows the effective and efficient covering of a product with minimal waste.


The system can be used for almost any type of coating! Ranging from light oil, sugar coatings, tablet coatings, waxy materials and chocolate to name a few.

The system is of small production scale or pilot plant scale with a liquid output of between 12 – 98Kg/Hour. The tank is 55cm in diameter and 27cm in depth. The instrument is controlled via a colour screen HMI linked to a PLC.

This equipment is currently available under the following options, dependent upon customer requirements:

  • Purchase
  • Rental
  • Rental with a view to purchase

For any questions or for further information regarding our Custom Designed Hot Melt dosing system, please do not hesitate to contact us at DJS Process Consulting limited.