DJS Process Consulting Limited has for sale, a Micron Aquamizer AQ-5. Find out more here:

The Aquamizer is a wet ball mill, grinding hard materials in to superfine particles with diameters ranging from several microns to sub micron ranges in batch operation.

When in operation, the Aquamizer grinding chamber filled with wet slurry and balls, is stirred with a unique pin rotor assembly for perfect size reduction. The balls, when stirred, collide with each other and the impact, shear and grinding force from this collision pulverises the slurry granules in to superfine particles. The Aquamizer motor has a higher grinding speed than conventional rotors and minimises ball wear.

Micron Aquamizer AQ-5

The Aquamizer consists of a grinding tank, an agitating rotor, motor and gear reducer. The grinding tank has a water-cooling jacket. This tank can be easily tipped for removal of grinding media and quick cleaning.

Pins are fixed vertically to the agitating rotor with bolts and can be replaced with ease. The rotor tip speed is 2m/sec.

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DJS Process Consulting Limited also have additional equipment available for both sale or rental agreements:

Custom Designed Hot Melt Dosing System

This equipment was originally designed for the metering of viscous and molten liquids, for example to spray on waxy type materials onto detergent granules.

Microscal Ltd Spinning Riffler

The Microscal Ltd Spinning Riffler is used in analytical support to gain a representative sample in powder product analysis.

Graseby Specac manual Hydraulic Press, 15ton capacity

This instrument is designed fundamentally to create pellet samples which can then be processed using analytical equipment such as FTIR, KBr and XRF.

DJS Process Consulting Ltd

DJS Process Consulting Limited

DJS Process Consulting Limited was founded in 2015 by David J Smith. The companies mission is to support companies through innovation, process design, commissioning, problem-solving, pilot plant operations and more. DJS Process Consulting Limited is primarily a consultancy business however, has since expanded in to the sale/rental of technical equipment as well as developing a data monitoring and analytical tool, making the industry 4.0 revolution as simple as a ‘click’.